Monday, January 26, 2015

Fine Art: Vintage Patents & Blueprints

Introducing Vintage Patents and Blueprints collection by C.7 Design Studio, showcasing meticulous digital reproductions of historical patent and blueprint documents, digitally enhanced and transformed into large format prints, stylized to preserve look and feel of various mediums, accompanied by stunning 2.5D elements. Nowadays, fine art market is flooded with patent reproductions. Most of them just simple blown up copies of patents found via Google search and slapped on colorful backgrounds. Entering this market niche, I was thinking what could be done differently. So, I took entirely new approach. I didn’t bother using Google to search for patents, but rather went straight to the source - the digitized archives of The United States Patent and Trademark Office. Although my process of sifting through thousands upon thousands of patent scans was tenfold more time-consuming, it yielded far better results, netting me some of those rear gems of huge importance, which would have been missed otherwise, should I just resorted to Google search for what comes to mind. I also use my proprietary enlargement and enhancements processes, which helped me to achieve unparalleled quality, unique vintage look and 2.5D feel of raised inks. And last, but not least - each patent was adorned by realistically-looking crest and wax seal of The United States Patent and Trademark Office. The results speak for themself. At this point I have three major collections going - the “Historical Patents”, which includes miscellaneous assembly of most significant or historically-important patents; the “Sports Patents”, which houses greatest inventions in the world of sports, and the “Weapons & Firearms” collection, following history of weapons and firearms development. There will be more collections to come, so, stay tuned. Below are a few samples from each of the collections.

                      Sports Patents: Baseball

I have chosen FineArt America to offer my digitally-signed and dated open edition (OE) fine art giclĂ©e prints of highest archival quality. Many of these pieces are exclusive to FAA. The hand-signed special collector's AP editions are also available (please, contact me for details). Commissions are welcome (as time permits). Make sure to visit FineArt America for wide selection of historical patents art, sports patents art such as baseball or golf, and weaponry-related patents art. Please, feel free to drop me a line should you have any questions or comments.

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