Monday, April 25, 2016

Brotherhood of the Snake - The Red and The Yellow Dragons

Introducing “Treasures of Tibet” collection by Serge Averbukh, showcasing stunning convergent media paintings of various Tibetan artifacts and themes. Here you will find digitally-signed and dated open edition (OE) giclée fine art prints, featuring 'Brotherhood of the Snake - The Red and The Yellow Dragons' and available via my FineArtAmerica, MobilePrints and The Untapped Source galleries.

According to Cosmic Records, at some point in history two major Brotherhoods arose on Earth, both influenced by Shambhala and Agartha, together they are called The Brotherhood of the Snake. Shambhala was the seat of the Evocation of the Masters of Wisdom; Agartha was the seat of the Invocation of the Masters of Wisdom. Together they embodied the universal polarity of opposites. In the outer world, each Brotherhood thought of the other one as the dark Brotherhood, the Black Magicians. The battle between the polarities of the Brotherhoods started incredibly long time ago. The two opposites, the sun (Illuminati) and the moon (Luminari) face each other and struggle for power, yet neither of them can win. They can only overcome polarity. 

Humanity was influenced by these two contrasting areas of wisdom. In ancient times, the Brotherhood of the Serpent divided into the Brotherhood of the Yellow Dragon and the Brotherhood of the Red Dragon. Together they stand for the Brotherhood of the Snake. Both Brotherhoods undertook spiritual education of the human race - the Yellow Dragon in the East and the Red Dragon in the West. Sometimes we can still find the order of the Yellow Caps and the order of the Red Caps and their dispersed monasteries in Tibet, which derive directly from this. 

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